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Reza x   
I have always believed in having a strong female for breeding, despite the 50/50 genetic outcome, it is the female that raises the pups and so contributes a bit more and  should be the strongest you can find. My foundation bitch comes from Julia Priest, a well known Breeder and Trainer who has probably forgot more than I will ever know about breeding. Reza was my fourth dog from Julia, the others were trained and placed in police and search and rescue homes, so I had the chance to truly evaluate the strength of the lines. Reza was the one I started using for breeding.   I choose my studs for health, temperament, nerve strength and hunt and fight drives. 

Reza Von Sontausen is my trailing K9.  She comes from Julia Priest who put a TD, GN and BH on her.
Reza’s littermates are SAR K9s (Rocco, owned by Ann Christiansen) and Police K9 Ronin, (Sacramento PD) Rixi, Search and Rescue, Reza Hips ofa good.

Strong Foundations

Cora Von Den Altenbergen                                                

In SAR HRD training

Kathy C. Holbert, Breeder/Owner/Trainer

Reza x  
Ceithre ‘TEKKA’ Von Den Altenbergen                                                 
In Agility training
Terri Fischer, Owner/Train 
2015 rated number ONE GSD in NADAC Weavers class and 
number 5 in tunnelers.
Videos on Tekka
Coda Von Den Altenbergen                                                 

Dam: Reza Von Sontausen
Certified SAR Trailing, BH, GN, TD

Sire:  Arko Vom Windlied
Reza x  
Reza x 
Caeden ‘Yogi’ Von Den Altenbergen                                                 
NAPWDA CERTIFIED for Human Remains Detection  
Jan Thompson, Owner/Trainer
Wisconsin K9 Emergency Response Teams
Reza x Stryker, Police K9
Captain Jack Von Strykerson
LETS Certified Human Remains Detection K9, 
Owner/Trainer Lisa Lepsch, Barbour County Tactical 
Search and Recovery Teams
Reza x  Sumo Von Der Dewhaus  IPO2, PDC, CGC
Beau Von Den Altenbergen
Nancy Jacoy, Owner/Trainer
NAPWDA Certified Human
Remains Detection
South Carolina Search and 
Rescue Dogs Association